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How to order the 15-inch Apple MacBook Air

Plus how you can get your hands on the other hardware announced at WWDC 2023.


Apple's new mixed reality headset may have stolen the show at WWDC, but it was not the only piece of tech the company announced. Apple debuted a 15-inch MacBook Air today that will join the classic 13-inch model as the iPhone maker's thinnest and lightest notebooks. The company is positioning the larger model as the ideal 15-inch laptop, boasting that it has a better balance of performance, features and battery life than any 15-inch PC notebook. Here's how you can order the 15-inch MacBook Air, plus the rest of the readily available products announced at WWDC 2023.

Apple MacBook Air 15

Apple's 15-inch MacBook Air is available to order today starting at $1,299 and will be widely available on June 13th. Apple's 13-inch MacBook Air M2 now starts at $1,099, and the 13-inch MacBook Air M1 remains in the lineup, starting at $999.

The first 15-inch laptop in the Air series runs on Apple's M2 chipset, and it looks much like an enlarged version of the 13-inch MacBook Air. The new laptop has a 15.3-inch Liquid Retina display that's surrounded by 5mm borders and only interrupted by a notch that includes a 1080p webcam for video calls. Its profile is similar to that of the 13-inch model, with rounded square corners, and it measures only 11.5mm thick and weighs 3.3 pounds. Unsurprisingly, such a svelte design doesn't leave a lot of space for ports. The 15-inch MacBook Air has just two Thunderbolt ports on one side, along with a MagSafe charging port, and a headphone jack on the other edge. The 15-inch Air will likely have similar performance to the 13-inch model since it runs on the same chipset, so it should be plenty fast for most people. Apple claims the larger laptop will get 18 hours of battery life as well.

Mac Studio & Mac Pro

The Mac Studio and Mac Pro are available to order today starting at $1,999 and $6,999, respectively. They'll both be more widely available on June 13th.

The second-generation Mac Studio could be seen as a larger and more powerful version of Apple's compact desktop, the Mac Mini. The biggest thing to note about this upgrade is that it can run on the new M2 Max or M2 Ultra chips, which Apple claims will excel at laborious tasks like 8K video editing, 3D modeling and the like. Apple claims the M2 Max version of the Mac Studio will be 50 percent faster than its predecessor, and the M2 Ultra version will be twice as fast as that.

As for the Mac Pro, it remains a very expensive and very powerful desktop that will have even better performance thanks to the M2 Ultra chip. It'll come with a 24-core CPU and it will support up to a 76-core GPU and up to 192GB of memory. In addition to that, the Mac Pro will come with seven PCIe expansion slots, seven Thunderbolt 4 ports, two 10GB Ethernet ports, three USB-A slots and two HDMI connectors that can output 8K resolution at 240Hz. Needless to say, this is overkill for most people, not to mention its sky-high price tag will put it out of reach for most consumers.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple debuted its long-awaited mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, at WWDC 2023. The headset looks much like the VR headsets we're used to seeing from the likes of Facebook and Sony, but with a unique Apple spin. The Vision Pro is a standalone device that doesn't need a physical controller — instead, users operate it using a mix of hand gestures, voice input and the built-in Digital Crown on the headset. Apple showed off a number of uses cases for the Vision Pro including using with your Mac to expand your screen real estate, using Vision Pro apps alongside Mac apps, watch 3D movies and content from services like Disney+ and play games from Apple Arcade. But unlike the other hardware mention here, Vision Pro is not available today — it'll be available in early 2024 starting at $3,499.

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