How to watch Apple unveil new iPads today at its ‘Let Loose’ event

We expect to see an OLED iPad Pro and a new iPad Air.

Unsplash / Henry Ascroft

Say hello to new iPads — probably. Apple is holding a live event this morning at 10AM ET to unveil new entries in its lineup of tablets. The keynote, dubbed Let Loose, will be starting soon, and you can watch live in a number of ways. We are popping the YouTube stream below, so you can watch right here, but the event is also available on the company’s website and on the Apple TV+ app. Engadget is also liveblogging the Let Loose iPad event, if you'd like our play by play.

So what is the company likely to announce? Tablets, as far as the eye can see. Apple’s been coy as to which iPads are getting a refresh, but rumors and reports indicate a new OLED iPad Pro and an updated iPad Air.

The rumored iPad Pro may even skip the M3 chipset, as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggested there is a “strong possibility” that the tablet could feature the next-gen M4. He also indicated that Apple is going to lean heavy on some new AI branding when it comes to the iPad Pro, referring to it as the company’s “first truly AI-powered device.”

Beyond potentially having an AI onboard to confidently, yet mistakenly, answer questions, this will likely be an OLED tablet. That means a glorious display that should bring richer colors and deeper blacks to the line. OLED panels are also thinner than LCD panels, so this could be one slender gadget. There are also rumors that the iPad Pro will feature a glass back to enable MagSafe charging.

An iPad Air with a keyboard on a table.
Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

It’s been two whole years since an iPad Air refresh, which is a lifetime in tech years. The updated iPad Air will likely not have a fancy next-gen chipset or an OLED display. It could, however, boast an upgrade to the M2 chip. The current models still sport the antiquated M1. Reports also suggest that the iPad Air's front-facing camera is moving to the landscape edge.

It’s also possible that the tablet has been bulking up on creatine, as rumors suggest that Apple is prepping the first 12.9-inch iPad Air. This would make it the most budget-friendly option for a large-screen iPad tablet.

The event won’t just be for iPads. It’ll also be for iPad accessories. To that end, expect Apple to reveal a revamped Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro line, which could be made from aluminum. In addition, Apple is expected to unveil a new Apple Pencil to replace the second-gen model. Some reports have even indicated the next Apple Pencil could work with Vision Pro drawing apps, in addition to tablet apps.

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