Watch the Google I/O 2022 keynote here at 12:40PM ET

Expect more details about Android 13, and possibly info on the Pixel Watch and Pixel 6a.


Google I/O is one of the company's most important events of the year, and it all kicks off with today's keynote. It's a safe bet that Google will reveal fresh details about Android 13, but the company will most likely have much more to discuss.

It's not exactly a secret that Google has been beavering away on its own smartwatch — especially after a prototype was left at a restaurant recently. It wouldn't be a surprise if the company officially showed off the Pixel Watch for the first time today. There are also rumblings of news on the smartphone front, particularly in the form of the rumored Pixel 6a.

Google will also surely have announcements on other fronts. Key products like Search, Google Assistant and other hardware may be on the docket as well (I have my fingers crossed for some Stadia news, but I'm not holding my breath).

Before the keynote gets underway at 1PM ET, join us for our pre-show, which starts at 12:40PM. Deputy Editor Cherlynn Low and Senior Reporter Sam Rutherford will break down what we expect Google to announce and provide their expert analysis. Engadget will also have full coverage of all the biggest news from I/O.

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