How to watch Honda unveil its new EV series at CES 2024

The press conference will be livestreamed on January 9 at 1:30PM ET -- watch it here.


For some companies, CES 2024 has started in earnest which means we'll soon get to see major car manufacturers show off what they've been working on. One of those is Honda, with its event live streaming on YouTube on January 9 at 1:30PM ET and features Honda's global CEO and EVP Toshihiro Mibe and Shinji Aoyama, respectively.

What we expect

Honda announced back in December that its new EV series would make its worldwide debut at CES 2024. "Honda will showcase the global EV series models and several key technologies that illustrate the significant transformation Honda is currently undergoing," the company stated at the time. What's unclear is how many new cars will be on display or what types of vehicles they will be.

The upcoming reveal builds on past promises from Honda to shift toward a more environmentally friendly lineup. In 2021, Honda stated its plans to have all car sales be electric or fuel cell models by 2040. The following year, it announced an investment of five trillion yen (about $35 million) into electrification efforts over the next decade. Honda also shared its aim that, by 2030, it will have launched 30 more EV models, and EVs will make up 40 percent of its models.

Tune in to Honda's live stream below to see its new EV series for yourself.

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