LeVar Burton will read to you live on Twitter starting this week

Let the Star Trek icon soothe you during these trying times.

Gary Miller via Getty Images

If, like a lot of people, you're trying to find ways to fill time while stuck inside, LeVar Burton may just have something to help. In one of the few pleasant surprises of the coronavirus pandemic, the former Star Trek star and Reading Rainbow icon announced he's taking the premise of his popular podcast, LeVar Burton Reads, and making it available on Twitter.

They'll be three different sessions, starting with a "For Adults" one that will air every Friday at 9PM ET, beginning on April 3rd. Following that first episode, every Monday at 12PM ET Burton will read something for children. Blissfully, they'll also be something for teens, with the young adults' session, which will air every Wednesday at 6PM ET. Between the two live streams for younger audiences, it should hopefully be easier to find something thoughtful for the kids to do.

In a follow-up tweet, Burton said he’ll read a selection from Neil Gaiman during this week’s episode. If you listen to his podcast frequently, you’ll know Burton is a fan of Gaiman’s work, having read from Chivalry in the past.