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How to watch Super Bowl 2024

Super Bowl 58 is streaming live on Paramount+ this year.

mikeorlov via Getty Images

Las Vegas will host Super Bowl 58 in its new billion-dollar, sustainably powered Allegiant Stadium. The venue holds 70,000 people, but if you’re not one of them and American football is your thing (or you just like the buzzy commercials and want to see Usher perform at halftime) you’ll need a way to watch at home. Luckily, there are a multitude of ways to do so — and one of them is nearly free. Kick off happens Sunday, February 11, at 3:30pm Pacific (6:30pm Eastern) so you have some more time to decide how you want to watch the big game. Here are all the ways to watch Super Bowl 2024.

How to watch Super Bowl 58

This year, the rights to air the biggest annual sporting event in the US goes to CBS… and Nickelodeon. Yep, the kids channel is hosting a live, family-friendly version of the event, complete with helpful thematic graphics and the cast of SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer hosting, providing commentary and explaining the rules to the youngest NFL fans. If you don’t need sideline reports from Sandy Cheeks, regular versions of the game will appear on CBS, CBS Sports Network, Paramount+ and on the NFL+ mobile app.

How to watch the Super Bowl with cable or satellite TV

Cable and satellite subscribers can tune into their local CBS station. If your plan includes CBS Sports Network (or Nickelodeon), you can go that route, too. Here’s a list of local CBS stations and affiliates so you can find your channel.

How to stream Super Bowl 2024

Last year, the Super Bowl was a little more complicated to stream since the broadcaster (Fox) didn’t have an over-the-top streaming app. It’s easier this year: the standalone Paramount+ app lets subscribers watch the game live. Plans start at $6 per month and there’s currently a free seven-day trial, but there’s no telling if that deal will still be live right before the big event. Of course, most live TV streaming services will also have the game, either on your local CBS station or via CBSSN. Here are the providers that will show Super Bowl LVIII:

If you’re willing to pay, Paramount+ is the cheapest way to stream the Super Bowl this year, plus you’ll get other shows to watch when the game’s over.

Can I watch the 2024 Super Bowl for free?

Almost. If you buy an indoor digital antenna, which hooks up to the coaxial port on your TV set, you can grab the game broadcast from your local CBS affiliate at no extra cost. It’ll let you watch your local NBC, ABC, PBS and FOX networks, too.

Can I watch the 2024 Super Bowl on mobile?

The NFL+ mobile app is airing the Super Bowl, but only on your smartphone or tablet (PC access and casting isn’t supported for primetime games, which includes the Super Bowl). So if you’re watching solo, this could be a good option. A subscription goes for $7 per month and it also provides NFL Network content with 24/7 football news.

Who is performing at the Super Bowl 2024 halftime show?

For some, the action in between the two halves of the game is what really matters. Mega stars have headlined the halftime show for decades now, with performances by Rihanna, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Prince, The Rolling Stones and Beyonce garnering almost as many headlines as the game itself. This year, Usher, who's timing the release of his latest album to drop just two days before the game, will light up the stadium with a set. Before the game, Reba McEntire will sing the national anthem and Post Malone will follow that up with a rendition of "America the Beautiful."