How to watch Microsoft's Windows 11 launch event

Windows' future starts at 11AM Eastern.


Microsoft is finally on the cusp of introducing Windows 11, and it's giving you an opportunity to tune in. You can watch the event livestream on Engadget's YouTube channel or on the company's website starting at a very appropriate 11AM Eastern. We'll also have post-show coverage on Engadget's YouTube channel if you're still trying to process the news.

Yes, the Windows 11 leak spoiled the party a bit — from early indications, the new operating system is a decluttered Windows 10 with elements borrowed from the defunct Windows 10X project. That's not necessarily a bad thing, however, and there's a real chance Microsoft has more to show than the leak could reveal. And let's not forget that there may be other news at the event. You might hear more about Surface Neo, Edge, Office, and other key products.

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