Huawei’s new Watch GT 3 Pro is a stylish upgrade to the GT 3

With titanium and ceramic case options.


Huawei is today launching the Watch GT 3 Pro, which takes much of the features from the existing Watch GT 3 and sticks them in a much nicer body. The three regular versions, each with 46mm cases, are getting a titanium body and, depending on which model you opt for, a rubber, leather or titanium strap. From there, you’ll get most of the same features as the GT 3, albeit with the ability to run your own ECG when Huawei gets permission to activate the feature.

Image of the standad Watch GT3 Pro

Of more interest is the new Ceramic 42mm version, which offers a white case with gold accents and a white strap. It may be aimed at a different demographic, but it also looks at first blush like the coolest, fanciest and most unique of the bunch. Otherwise, you’ll get much of the same health and fitness tracking found on the GT 3, plus a bunch of pre-loaded golf maps and a free diving mode to help folks who like going underwater without assistance.

At the same time, Huawei is also announcing the Watch Fit 2, a sports and activity tracker that offers coaching. The new 1.74-inch AMOLED display is nearly 20 percent larger than was found on the Fit 1, and the feature set has broadened to include quick replies for WhatsApp as well as Huawei’s own apps. With space for 500 songs on board, and Huawei’s latest optical heart-rate sensor on the back, it’s designed to scratch the itch for folks who want a fitness-focused gadget but don’t need a full-blown smartwatch.