Hulu to stream IMAX documentaries

From the huge screen to the small screen.

Yuriko Nakao via Getty Images

IMAX announced Thursday that it’s partnering with Hulu to bring 16 of its documentaries to the streaming site this summer. So while your local IMAX screen may be closed due to coronavirus, you can at least watch documentaries like A Beautiful Planet and Pandas on a smaller screen.

IMAX films are typically seen on 72’ by 53’ screens, and its documentaries tend to take advantage of the immersive nature of the IMAX viewing experience -- whether that be through taking the audience into outer space or into the depths of the ocean. IMAX Entertainment President Megan Colligan assured The Hollywood Reporter that the films are still impressive when viewed on home TVs or tablets. Many of the films have been digitally remastered. However, IMAX confirmed to The Verge that the films won’t be available in 4K.

Since many of us are stuck indoors, it seems IMAX and Hulu are capitalizing on our cabin fever. "With people at home there is an immense and growing desire for discovery, particularly for students, families and children,” Colligan said in a statement. Current Hulu subscribers can take those virtual journeys as soon as they want, since a number of the documentaries are streaming now. The rest will be released “over the next several weeks and months.” Additional terms of IMAX and Hulu’s agreement, like how long the films will stay, aren’t clear.

The full list of IMAX titles that will stream on Hulu are: A Beautiful Planet (2016), Pandas: An IMAX Original Film (2018), Superpower Dogs (2019), Destiny in Space (1994), Fires of Kuwait (1992), Galapagos (1999), Hail Columbia! (1982), Into the Deep (1994), Journey to the South Pacific (2013), Space Station (2002), Survival Island (1995), The Dream is Alive (1985), T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (1998), China: The Panda Adventure (2001), Horses: The Story of Equus (2002) and The Secret of Life on Earth (1996).