Hulu's live TV plan will include unlimited cloud DVR at no extra charge

Conveniently on par with YouTube TV.


Hulu may have hiked the prices of its live TV plans last fall, but you'll at least get more for your money this spring. The streaming service now plans to give all Hulu + Live TV subscribers unlimited cloud DVR storage starting April 13th. If you've been paying for an Enhanced Cloud DVR add-on ($10 or $15 per month), you'll see your bill shrink accordingly. Recordings with the new Unlimited DVR feature last for up to nine months.

Regular Hulu + Live TV subscriptions used to include 50 hours of 'free' DVR space with unskippable ads, while buying the Enhanced Cloud DVR feature expanded that to 200 hours without the ads. While that was enough to help you replay a must-see event, it wasn't much help if you frequently recorded live programming. Now, it's just a matter of finding the time to watch whatever you save.

The company isn't offering unlimited DVR use out of pure generosity, as you might imagine. Notably, this puts Hulu + Live TV's DVR functionality on par with YouTube TV and makes the pricing far more competitive, at $70 per month versus the $80 you needed to roughly match the feature set. There are still reasons you might pick YouTube's offering over Hulu's (a slightly lower $65 price and some sports networks), but the gap is now considerably narrower.

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