Humane’s AI Pin will cost $699

You’ll also need to shell out $24 a month for a cellular subscription.


The AI Pin from Humane, a much-hyped startup founded by former Apple employees, will cost $699. The Verge obtained documents about the device ahead of its official launch on November 9, and that price has now been confirmed.

In addition, the Pin will have a monthly $24 subscription fee for access to T-Mobile’s cellular network and large language models from OpenAI and Microsoft to power its smarts. The AI Pin is a device that’s about the size of a large business card that clips on to your clothing magnetically and acts as a personalized assistant controlled via voice and touch. Notably, it doesn’t have a screen. Instead, it projects a barebones user interface onto the palm of your hand.

We now have more details about the Pin and confirmation of The Verge’s leak, which you can read about here.

Update November 9 1PM ET: This article was modified after publishing with Humane's confirmation of the leaked details.