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'Immortality,' the latest game from 'Her Story' creator Sam Barlow, arrives on mobile

The game is free for Netflix subscribers.
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Igor Bonifacic
Igor Bonifacic|@igorbonifacic|November 20, 2022 5:51 PM

Following an Xbox Series X/S and PC release this past summer, Immortality, the latest project from Her Story creator Sam Barlow, is now available on Android and iOS via Netflix. Provided you subscribe to the streaming service, you can download the game at no additional charge and experience one of the most highly acclaimed titles of 2022.

Like Barlow’s past projects, Immortality is a love letter to the full-motion video games of the ‘90s. The game tasks you with finding out the fate of fictional actress Marissa Marcel. You’ll need to piece together what happened to her by watching clips from three unreleased films and behind-the-scenes footage. Barlow recruited Allan Scott and Amelia Gray, best known for their work on Queen’s Gambit and Mr. Robot, to help write the story of Immortality. So if you’re a sucker for a good story, this one is worth checking out.

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'Immortality,' the latest game from 'Her Story' creator Sam Barlow, arrives on mobile