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Insta360's latest tiny action cam comes with a wireless display

The Insta360 Go 3 is basically a GoPro with a detachable flip screen.


Insta360's thumb-sized Go 2 action cam already impressed us with its versatility, but it's about to be upstaged by its successor with some surprises. The new Insta360 Go 3 comes with a larger, more rectangular "Action Pod" detachable body, thus giving the overall look a stronger resemblance to a conventional action cam. Not only does this new model offer a longer combined battery life (more on that later), but the Action Pod body also doubles as a 2.2-inch flip touchscreen, meaning you won't need to whip out your phone as often. The whole package is essentially a 2-in-1 action cam and a wireless display.

The Go 3's camera itself has some significant upgrades as well. Video resolution has been bumped up from 1440p to 2.7k (2,720 x 1,536), meaning you'll get more out of Insta360's renowned "FlowState" video stabilization trick. Audio quality has been improved by the addition of a second microphone, thus solving an old pain point. The camera is also certified as waterproof at up to 5 meters deep instead of just 4, but note that the "Action Pod" is only IPX4 water resistant, so do not submerge that part under water.

The full Insta360 Go 3 assembly mounted on a selfie stick.

The camera's own battery life has been extended from 30 minutes to 45 minutes (1080p@30fps), and when mounted onto the "Action Pod," you'll get up to 170 minutes. The Go 3 also represents an improvement in Insta360's heat dissipation design, so the only limitations on maximum video length are battery life and data storage. Say goodbye to the old 30-minute cap on each clip. This is also probably why the Go 3 comes with a new 128GB flavor, though you may still consider the 64GB or 32GB options to suit your budget.

In addition to the usual timelapse, "TimeShift" (Insta360's take on hyperlapse) and slow motion (up to 4x) features, the Go 3 comes with three new video modes: pre-recording, loop recording and timed capture. Timed capture in particular is handy for setting up auto capture for a sunrise, without you having to wake up to turn on the camera.

A dog biting onto a Fetch Stick with a Insta360 Go 3 action cam mounted on the end.

Much like its predecessor, the Go 3 comes with a handful of accessories for various mounting methods. You still get a magnet pendant for first-person point-of-view shots from chest level, though I personally prefer using the included clip mount with a hat to match my eye level. There's also a pivot stand with a reusable sticky base — the latter can be detached if you want to switch to a 1/4-inch mount instead. If needed, you can buy a quick release mount for action sports, or a monkey tail mount for casual captures anywhere you want. Dog owners may also consider getting the "Fetch Stick" to get some goofy close-ups of their pets

The Insta360 Go 3 is now available via the official online store or Amazon, with the 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models priced at $379.99, $399.99 and $429.99 respectively.