Instacart lets you buy ingredients from TikTok recipes with a few taps

You'll also find 'Shoppable Recipes' on websites.


Ever see recipe on TikTok and wish you could quickly buy all the necessary ingredients online? You just might. Instacart has introduced "Shoppable Recipes" that help you snap up ingredients when you see a meal on TikTok and supporting websites. Tap a button and Instacart will both find the needed in-stock items as well as help you arrange delivery. You could spot a dinner idea in the afternoon and have everything you require by the evening without planning a trip to the grocery store.

Support for TikTok recipes is "gradually" rolling out to creators using the Jump feature. Web access will initially launch as part of a team-up with Hearst, which will provide shopping buttons on sites like Country Living and Good Housekeeping. More tie-ins will be announced later in the year, Instacart said.

The strategy isn't subtle. Instacart is clearly hoping the added convenience will persuade you to choose its service over rivals like Uber. To some extent, this is also about extending the brand — the recipe buttons will serve as Instacart ads that might prove influential even if you aren't keen on a given recipe.

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