Instagram Live creators can now bring in moderators to handle trolls

The feature could make broadcasts a more positive experience for almost everyone.


Instagram is trying to tackle the problem of unsavory comments that pop up during Live streams with its latest feature. Starting today, Live users can assign someone to be a moderator for their broadcasts. Moderators can report comments, switch off comments from a particular user and boot troublesome viewers from the stream.

Creators can add a moderator by tapping the menu icon on the comment bar. They can search for a specific person or choose a user from a list suggested by Instagram.

Instagram is rolling out the feature to help broadcasters focus on engaging in positive discussions instead of spending time addressing unwanted interactions. It's a welcome move that should help to cut down on toxic comments during Lives.

The app is following in the footsteps of Twitch, which has allowed streamers to have moderators for years. Having reliable, effective mods who can handle trolls and deal with distasteful comments or messages swiftly can foster a safer environment for both creators and their audiences.