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Instagram makes public Reels downloadable for everyone

The feature was only available to US users when it launched earlier this year.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Instagram launched the ability to download publicly viewable Reels in June, but it limited the feature's availability to users on mobile in the US. Now, Instagram head Adam Mosseri has announced on his broadcast channel that the feature is rolling out to all users worldwide. Anybody on the app can now download public Reels to their devices and not just save them for viewing later. They simply have to tap on the Share button and start their download from there.

As TechCrunch reports, Mosseri explained during his broadcast that downloaded Reels will have the Instagram watermark with the account's username, similar to downloaded TikTok videos. In addition, Reels will only come with music if they're scored with original tracks. Instagram will strip their audio if they use licensed music as a background.

TikTok's video downloading feature helps attract more users to the app, since it gives creators (and reposters) an easy way to share clips across platforms. People who don't have TikTok may decide to sign up if they find creators they want to follow or if they want to see more similar types of content. Instagram could be looking to replicate that strategy, though users will have the ability to prevent their Reels from being download. To change their download options, they'll have to go to Reels and Remix under Privacy in Settings and toggle off "Allow people to download your Reels."