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Here's what NFTs look like on Instagram

Expect support for a wide range of digital art platforms.


Meta has revealed more of how NFTs will work on Instagram. In the US-based test, you can show what you've bought or created for free by connecting your Instagram account to a compatible digital wallet and posting for the world to see. If you like, the social network can automatically tag both creator and collector using public blockchain data. You can display info like a description, too. And yes, as mentioned, NFTs will shimmer to help you flaunt your art collection.

Instagram will initially support wallets from MetaMask, Rainbow and Trust Wallet. Coinbase, Dapper and Phantom are "coming soon." Public data will come from Ethereum and Polygon at first, with the previously promised Flow and Solana support arriving in the near future.

The social site also stressed that NFTs were still subject to community rules. It was also aware that NFTs, like cryptocurrency and other blockchain products, can be harmful to the environment. The company hoped to offset the CO2 emissions from displaying digital artwork by purchasing renewable energy.

Meta will expand NFT support to Facebook, and will let Instagram users display their pieces as augmented reality stickers in Stories. There will be "additional features" for both creators and collectors, the company added. Whether you think NFTs are fads or permanent fixtures, it's clear Meta will be invested them for a while as it builds out its vision of the metaverse.