Instagram redesigns the Reels editor to make it easier to use

Finding trending audio and hashtags to tap into should be a cinch as well.


Instagram is rolling out several Reels updates, including a redesigned editing tool. The new-look editor, which Meta says is available worldwide on iOS and Android, pulls together video clips, audio, stickers and text into a single, more streamlined screen. "This makes it easier to align and time elements of your reel to the right moments in a more visual way," Meta wrote in a blog post. The company noted that additional editing tools are on the way as it continues to try to chip away at TikTok's dominance.

Reels creators who are looking to go viral and build their audiences on Instagram will be able to check out the top audio and hashtags on what Meta is calling a "trends destination." The tab is accessible from the dashboard. You'll be able to see how many times others have used a song and either add the audio to your own reel or save it for later.

This should help creators figure out what's popular in Reels at a given time so they can tap into trends. It's fairly easy for TikTok creators to determine what's trending in that app, so this seems like an important update for Instagram.

Screenshots showing the Reels Trends page on Instagram. The tab is designed to help creators find out which songs and hashtags are trending on the platform.

On a related note, Instagram is upgrading the Reels insights page to give creators a deeper sense of how their videos are performing. You'll be able to view the total watch time and average watch time to better understand how viewers are engaging with each reel beyond view counts. If it seems most viewers are dropping off at a certain point in a video, that could help creators learn what their audience is less interested in seeing and make adjustments to their future reels. In addition, you'll get notifications showing the people who started following you from a specific reel.

Meanwhile, Instagram will expand the gifts monetization feature to more countries in the coming weeks, including Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand and the UK. In addition, creators will be able to see exactly who tipped them with a gift so they can thank generous fans.