Instagram offers users more control over 'sensitive content' in the Explore tab

You can adjust how strong the filter is for posts depicting things like people fighting.

Dado Ruvic / reuters

Instagram's Explore tab can feel like the Wild West at times. The feed shows recommended posts from accounts you don't follow, but you never really know what you'll see. It might feature a photo, video or Story that's potentially distressing — even if it doesn't break the platform's rules.

To mitigate that, Instagram is rolling out a Sensitive Content Control option. The aim is to let you choose how much sensitive content you see in the Explore feed, and giving you more control over how you use Instagram. You can adjust the filter by going to the app's Settings, then tapping Account and Sensitive Content Control.

You'll be able to decrease the number of sensitive posts in the Explore feed by selecting "Limit Even More." You can also turn the filter off by changing from the default "Limit" option to "Allow" (that choice won't be available to users aged under 18, however). You can change the setting at any time.

Instagram Sensitive Content Control

Among the types of content Instagram considers "sensitive" are depictions of violence (though it removes graphic violence). "Sexually explicit or suggestive" posts are also deemed sensitive, such as photos or videos showing someone in transparent clothing — the platform doesn't allow posts that contain nudity or sexual activity.

If you have the sensitive content filter on, Instagram may also stop posts that promote the use of some regulated items from appearing in the Explore feed. Those products include adult products and services, tobacco and vaping products and pharmaceutical drugs. Instagram takes down most content related to selling or trading regulated goods.