Instagram is now letting almost everyone use link stickers in their Stories

New accounts and those who violate the Community Guidelines will still be locked out, though.


If you haven't yet been able to add a sticker containing a link to an Instagram Story, fret not. The platform has been gradually expanding access to the feature over the last several months, and now Instagram says it's rolling out the option to just about everyone.

It works in a similar way to any other sticker in Stories. Tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen, scroll down to or search for the link option, select it, paste in the URL and position the sticker on your photo or video. Instagram says it's working on options for users to customize the sticker and provide more context to viewers about the page it leads to.

The "swipe up" link function that the sticker replaces was only available to verified accounts or those with at least 10,000 followers. But soon enough, almost all users will be able to add links to their Stories.

It's worth noting that not every single person will be able to use the link sticker. New accounts and those that often share misinformation and hate speech will be blocked from using the feature, as will those who post other content that goes against the community guidelines. Instagram says that this is part of its efforts to limit harmful content on the platform.

However, some users say they lost access to the sticker unfairly. BuzzFeed News reported last week, for instance, that Instagram prevented one creator from using the sticker after they shared a photo of kids from the waist up in a bath that was pulled for “nudity or sexual activity.” Instagram said it would look into claims of users being mistakenly told they won't be able to use link stickers anymore.