Instagram introduces text-to-speech and voice effects for Reels

They're both popular features on TikTok.

Wachiwit via Getty Images

Instagram was clearly trying to court TikTok users when it launched its short-form video format called Reels. Now, it has introduced two features already widely popular on TikTok, perhaps in hopes that they can convert those who've been hesitating to use Reels due to their absence. One of those tools is text-to-speech, which provides a robotic voiceover for videos.

When a user types in text for their videos, they'll now be able to get an auto-generated voice to read it out loud by accessing the feature living inside the Text bubble on the lower left corner of the screen. They then have to choose between the two available voice options before posting their video. While text-to-speech will make Reels more accessible, it's also popular on TikTok just because some find a robotic voice narrating their activities a funny addition to their content.


In addition to Text-to-Speech, Instagram has also rolled out Voice Effects for Reels. With this feature, creators can change their voice as they see fit, and choose from the several options available. They can change their voice to sound like they inhaled some helium or to sound like a giant. They can also choose to sound like an announcer, a robot or a vocalist. Instagram has rolled out both audio tools, so users can now give them a try.