Now Instagram can translate Stories text into over 90 languages

Just tap the "See Translation" icon near the top of the interface.


With the global popularity of Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ve run into Stories that haven’t been in English or any other language you might know. Until today, you had to go outside of the app to understand what those messages were communicating. Not any more. Instagram has introduced a new feature that will translate any foreign text you see in Stories, and that feature is now rolling out to users across the globe.

When the app detects you’re viewing a Story in another language, it will display a “See Translation” prompt toward the top left of the interface. All you have to do is tap the banner to see the text in your native tongue. With today’s launch, the feature can translate text between more than 90 languages — though it doesn’t work with audio at the moment. Inevitably that means they’ll be Stories where you might not understand what someone is saying. Still, it’s a step toward making Instagram as inclusive as possible. People can also take advantage of Instagram’s recently added auto-captioning feature to get around the current translation limitation.