Instagram update adds new camera filters and video editing tools for content creators

You can also turn Reels and Stories into custom stickers.


Instagram is rolling out an app update that is surprisingly robust, bringing a whole bunch of new features to content creators. First and foremost, there’s finally some new camera filters, which should shake things up for a while. These filters range from “subtle color edits” to more expressive and stylized options.

There are some other minor Camera Roll improvements to make it easier to find what you need as you edit. These include updated previews, a refined search function and even the ability to zoom.

As for video editing, there’s a new undo/redo tool that lets you, surprise, undo actions and redo them with the press of a button. Instagram also says it's testing the ability to scale, crop and rotate individual clips as part of the editing process. The audio tools are also getting some love, as you can pull audio clips from a dedicated media hub to accompany a Reel. Followers can remix this content as they see it. If this sounds a lot like TikTok, well, that’s because it is.

To that end, there are 10 new English text-to-speech voices to choose from, though they are only available in select countries for now. Additionally, there are six new text fonts and styles available to caption up your Reels or Stories, in addition to bolded outlines that should really make your copy pop. Hopefully.

A doggo as a sticker.

If you really want to make something weird, Instagram now allows you to pull any part of a photo or video and turn it into a custom sticker. This also works the other way around, so users can pull eligible content from a favorite creator and turn it into a sticker. This particular tool was aided in development by Meta’s custom Segment Anything AI.

Finally, there are some updated tools for creators to keep track of their slow and steady rise to viral fame. The Retention Chart will offer a moment-by-moment insight into how many people are watching your content, though it’s not rolling out for a couple of months. The rest of these tools are available today.