Intel's latest RealSense depth camera has twice the range of previous models

Twice the accuracy, too.


Intel’s RealSense depth cameras have had major applications in the field of robotics, giving machines 3D vision and helping robots navigate without the need for GPS. Today, the company has unveiled a new model — the D455 — which comes with a longer range and increased precision that’s twice that of previous generations.

The new camera’s optimal range is six meters, making it twice as accurate as the current D400, without sacrificing its field of view. It also comes with global shutters for depth and RGB sensors that not only improve communication between the different data streams picked up by the stereo camera, but increases color clarity overall. Because of these color-focused improvements, the camera works better in a variety of lighting conditions.

According to Intel, the D455 has been designed to give developers greater freedom in developing vision-based products that need to understand, interact and learn from their environments. In autonomous applications, for example, the longer range will help a robot make critical choices, such as avoiding obstacles. In the healthcare sector, meanwhile, the camera can be used to monitor patients through alerts based on movement. It’s a comprehensive bit of kit, and it’s reasonably-priced, too, making it accessible to developers across the board. Pre-order it today for $239.