iOS 14.5 public beta lets Apple Watch users try the new mask-friendly Face ID

You'll also get support for Fitness+ classes on AirPlay 2 devices and PSS/XSX controllers.

The public betas of iOS and iPad OS 14.5 are out, giving eligible users their first taste of automatically unlocking their iPhone while wearing a face mask. The system, as 9to5Mac demonstrates, just needs to be activated in the settings menu, and will then let you use an unlocked Apple Watch on your wrist as the key. That way, when you’re out and trying not to give anyone COVID-19, you’re spared the irritation of entering your passcode manually.

Other features new to the update include support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X controllers for iOS games, as well as AirPlay 2 support for Fitness+ classes. You’ll also get a new Type to Siri interface which now overlays on your current screen, rather than whisking you away to Siri’s void. Naturally, you’ll also get a bundle of quality-of-life updates, like Reminders sorting, a tweaked Podcast app and more. All of which will, eventually, make its way to users whenever Apple deems it appropriate.