iPhone 12 drop test confirms the new screen helps durability, to an extent

Don't expect your phone to escape completely unscathed.

Allstate Protection Plans

Apple made much ado over the iPhone 12’s more resilient Ceramic Shield screen, but does it really help? The answer is apparently yes, although you probably won’t want to depend on it too heavily. Allstate Protection Plans has conducted drop tests that show the iPhone 12 family’s improved display surface helped it withstand a six-foot drop to the sidewalk “significantly” better than the iPhone 11 and Galaxy S20 lineups, but with some visible damage. The standard iPhone 12 was relatively safe with small cracks and scuffs at the edges, while the slightly heavier 12 Pro had a crack down its lower half.

The flatter design might also help both devices if they land back-first, Allstate said. The base iPhone 12’s rear glass was “virtually unscathed” during the sidewalk test. The 12 Pro’s glass shattered (including for the wide-angle camera), unfortunately, but it was “not catastrophic.”

A drop on the side produced scuffs and sharp edges for both iPhones, but nothing else.

This is a not-so-subtle bid to drive Allstate’s phone protection plan sales. However, it also shows that Apple’s mix of glass and nano-sized ceramic crystals only goes so far. It might save you from rushing to repair your phone the same day, but it won’t keep your phone looking pristine after a tumble.