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iRobot's Roomba s9+ robot vacuum is back down to a record low price

You're getting a high-end robovac for $600, or the price of a mid-range model.


If you've wanted a top-tier robot vacuum but were put off by the sometimes outlandish prices, now's your time to act. Amazon is once more selling iRobot's Roomba s9+ at a record low of $600, or 40 percent off. That's the best we've seen since Prime Day, and puts it at the same price as a mid-range model like the Roomba j7 or Shark's AI Ultra.

iRobot's advanced robot vacuum is once more down to its best price.

$990 at Amazon

The Roomba s9+ is still our pick for the best premium robot vacuum. It's powerful, good at navigating floors (both carpet and hardwood), tackles corners well and empties itself relatively quietly. The slick design also makes it look right at home in an upscale abode. You shouldn't have to worry about it getting stuck or missing an important mess.

It's not flawless. The Roomba s9+ isn't specifically geared to avoid pet poop, so you may need to look elsewhere if your cat or dog routinely leaves unwanted surprises. It's also louder than newer (if less effective) options like the j7. At this price, though, it's an easy choice — you'll get efficient cleaning that frees you for more important tasks.

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