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'It Takes Two' is a co-op platformer from the creator of 'A Way Out'

The tale of two dolls arrives in 2021.

Hazelight Studios/EA

The team behind A Way Out isn’t done with co-op games, it seems. Hazelight and EA have unveiled It Takes Two, a two-player action-adventure platformer with a very different setting than the earlier prison break title. You play Rose, a young girl whose parents may be close to divorce — you and a pal control the dolls she creates to represent her mom and dad. Hazelight’s Josef Fares didn’t dive too deep into the mechanics, but he did hint that emotions would play a big role, and that you might even be “playing the emotions” of the dolls.

It Takes Two is due sometime in 2021 for unspecified platforms. It might not be a sharp break from the Hazelight formula, but it’s clearly much more than a sequel to the company’s breakout title.