Co-op adventure game 'It Takes Two' hits Switch on November 4th

You'll be able to play with someone who doesn't own the game via Friend's Pass.


It Takes Two was a breakout hit when it came out in 2021, and now the cooperative adventure game is coming to a fresh platform. It Takes Two is due to hit Switch on November 4th for $40, and pre-orders are open today. The game will take advantage of the Friend's Pass feature from developer Hazelight and publisher EA, unlocking co-op play even if one person doesn't own the game.

It Takes Two is a distinctly two-player experience, and on Switch it'll be playable three ways: in couch co-op mode, with two Switches over a local wireless network, or with a friend online. It's not playable cross-platform. The Friend's Pass feature is already a thing for PC and console versions of It Takes Two, and it allows someone who doesn't own the game to play with someone who does.

The Switch port was handled by Turn Me Up Games, the studio that brought Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and the Borderlands: Legendary Collection to Nintendo's latest console.

It Takes Two is also getting the silver-screen treatment, though its storyline is arguably the most distressing part of the game. Amazon Studios is adapting it into a movie, with The Rock rumored as a potential star.