JAXJOX made an interactive fitness studio you can build over time

Instead of paying for the whole thing at once, you can buy the pieces separately.


In 2019, JAXJOX debuted the Kettlebell Connect, a $349 smart kettlebell with adjustable weights, activity tracking, plus Peloton-like subscription classes. Later that year, the company released the $99 Foam Roller Connect, which has five vibration intensities and three massage zones. Today, the company is taking things up a notch, with the introduction of an all-in-one connected Interactive Studio that combines all of the above.

The Interactive Studio consists of a 43-inch touch screen TV, the aforementioned foam roller, Kettlebell Connect 2.0 (it now has real-time data capture as well as an updated shell and handle design), plus two new products: the Dumbbell Connect and the Pushup Connect. The bundle costs $2,199, but if that’s too rich for your blood, you can opt to buy the items more suited to your needs separately.

The television can be rotated horizontally or vertically depending on your preference. The vertical layout splits the workout and live data, while the horizontal layout shows the full screen. The horizontal option also gives the user the option to stream TV content like Amazon Prime and Netflix (this option will arrive in 2021). According to JAXJOX, a horizontal screen also allows two people to work out side by side via split-screen. It also tilts downwards by 15 degrees for floor exercises so you won’t need to strain your neck looking at the screen.

While each individual component comes with an optional subscription for live and on-demand classes via the app, the full Interactive Studio offers users a more feature-packed JAXJOX Studio membership. Unlike the app subscription, Studio membership features multi-user abilities (up to 6 people per household can use the same membership), unlimited classes (the app version has limited live classes) and personalized workout recommendations. There’s even the ability to “workout with friends” so you can stream an exercise with a buddy at the same time.

Both the app and Studio membership offers analytics, leaderboard competition and “Fitness IQ” which measures strength progression (only available on dumbbell and kettlebell). A regular app subscription costs $13 a month, but the Studio membership is $40 a month. JAXJOX offers a variety of different classes, ranging from HIIT and strength workouts to yoga and meditation.

Dumbbell Connect

The Dumbbell Connect ($449 if purchased separately) is a digital dumbbell set with adjustable weights (the range is 8 to 50 pounds per dumbbell). As with the kettlebell, you tell it what weight you want through an LCD display screen or from an app, and the physical weight(s) will then lock into place. According to JAXJOX, this works thanks to a “telescopic shaft” that “engages the selected weight by the movement of the motor.” If you like, changing the weight of one dumbbell can change the weight of the other. Also, like the kettlebell, the dumbbell features AI-powered gyroscope accelerometer tracking to measure reps and sets.

The Pushup Connect ($100 when purchased separately), on the other hand, is a device that the company claims will ensure the proper form for the popular exercise. It consists of what looks like a curved slab of plastic with an LED display in the middle and four holes on each side. There are also two movable handles, which insert in the holes on either side. According to the company, you’d be able to switch between close- and wide-grips in order to better target different muscle groups. To add a bit of difficulty to the workout, you can also rotate the handles as you move up or down. The device also syncs to the app, which helps you track reps, sets and duration of the workout.

Pushup Connect

According to JAXJOX, the Interactive Studio differentiates itself from both Mirror and Peloton because it offers a greater variety of workouts without being tied to one set device. Stephen Owusu, CEO and founder of JAXJOX, said that the individual components also allow you to exercise outside or in other rooms, and have all the data sync up to the same ecosystem. At a total price of $2,199, it’s more expensive than the $1,500 Mirror, but actually cheaper than the $2,245 Peloton. But as mentioned, you can choose to buy each item separately, or you can also go the financing route (Affirm financing is offered for as low as $60 a month).

The JAXJOX Interactive Studio is available for pre-order starting September 1st, and will officially launch in November. If you’d rather wait until then, you’d also be able to get it from Best Buy in addition to the company’s website. The Kettlebell Connect 2.0 and the Dumbbell Connect are available starting today, while Pushup Connect won’t be available on its own until November. The standalone TV set up won’t be available until 2021, and its price is yet to be determined.