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JBL's Charge 5 speaker drops to a record low in an early Black Friday deal

Grab one for $120, which is 33 percent off the MSRP.


One of JBL’s best-sounding portable speakers is on sale via Amazon, with the Charge 5 matching a record low price of $120 in an early Black Friday deal. This Bluetooth speaker usually costs $180, so this represents a discount of 33 percent. We’ve seen this speaker go on sale before, but the price hasn’t been this low since July.

This sale is not just for the plain-jane black speaker, as you have your pick of colors, from gray, red and turquoise to unique patterns like camouflage. All told, choose from six colorways for the speaker.

This is the lowest price ever for this speaker. 

$140 at Amazon

JBL’s Charge 5 made our list of the best portable bluetooth speakers, and with good reason. The sound quality is great and we praised its “bright output and capable low end.” The battery lasts up to 20 hours per charge, which is a decent metric, and the whole thing is actually waterproof, with an IP67 rating. This means that if it accidentally falls in the pool during a backyard soiree, you won’t have to head immediately to Best Buy for a replacement.

There’s also a built-in powerbank that lets you use the speaker to charge other devices, and this unit boasts access to JBL’s proprietary PartyBoost feature. This lets you combine multiple wireless speakers to instantly create a stereo setup. As a matter of fact, the only potential downside to this portable speaker is the original asking price, as $180 is pretty steep. For today, at least, that issue has been solved.

JBL also has a number of wireless earbuds and headphones on sale right now, to complete the personal audio package. You can snag the company’s new high-end Quantum 910 headphones for $230, a savings of $70, or the budget-friendly Tune 230NC earbuds for $50 instead of $100.