'Justice League' Snyder Cut gets a new teaser, no release date

The HBO Max exclusive is still coming sometime in 2021.

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Justice League Snyder Cut
Warner Bros

We still don’t know when Zack Snyder’s fabled reimagining of Justice League will hit HBO Max — aside from a vague 2021 target — but at least we’ve got some new footage to gawk at. In the latest teaser, you can see more footage of Cyborg, the reimagined villains and Aquaman fighting a mysterious opponent. But really, it’s just an excuse for Snyder to show off his version of the film, once again set to the tune of Leonard Cohen’s “Halllelujah.”

The Justice League Director’s Cut will hit HBO Max as four one-hour episodes. While it was originally budgeted around $30 million (on top of the film’s original $300 million cost), recent reports indicate the reshoots may cost up to $70 million.

And if you want a breakdown of the teaser from Snyder himself, he produced an hour long commentary on this two minute and 43-second teaser.

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