'Kirby's Dream Buffet' looks like a mash-up of 'Fall Guys' and 'Mario Party'

Nintendo's upcoming party game is due out sometime later this summer.


Even though there's already been one major Kirby game this year, Nintendo's lovable pink puffball is making a second appearance sometime later this summer in Kirby's Dream Buffet.

While Nintendo's official description is a bit sparse, Kirby's next adventure is billed as a four-player party game that will see gamers "roll through a smorgasbord of food-themed stages" while bulking up on strawberries. At the end of four rounds, players will battle it out in a "fruity fight atop a floating platform" to determine which Kirby reigns supreme.

Based on footage from Nintendo's trailer, Kirby's Dream Buffet features obstacle courses reminiscent of Fall Guys, but without the massive 60-player lobbies you get in Mediatonic's popular battle royale-style platformer. In addition to four human players, it appears you'll also have to compete against NPCs in the form of computer-controlled Waddle Dees. You can gain advantages by using various power-ups like speed boosts or Kirby's signature copying ability, while some glimpses of the final round look like an evolved version of Mario Party's classic Bumper Balls mini-game.

So far, Nintendo has yet to provide an official release date for Kirby's Dream Buffet, only specifying that the game will be released sometime this summer on the Nintendo eShop. Pricing is also still to be determined, though based on the scope and nature of the game, I'm not expecting it to feature a full $60 price tag like you usually get with big tentpole Nintendo titles.

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