Klipsch T5 II and T5 II Sport earbuds arrive in August starting at $199

And there's a McLaren version for the F1 fans.

Klipsch T5 II (Klipsch)

Back at CES, Klipsch revealed several true wireless models, including the high-end AI-powered (and super tiny) T10. You’ll have to wait a bit longer on those, and the noise-cancelling version of the T5, but today the company is announcing that a few of its new models will ship in “early August.” What’s more, you can pre-order them now. Those options include the redesigned T5 II ($199), the T5 II Sport ($229) and the T5 II Sport McLaren edition ($249). Plus, the company has detailed most of the final specs, so we have more info on each model than we did in January.

The T5 II is a completely revamped successor to the T5 that debuted in 2019. While there was a lot to like about those earbuds — primarily the sound quality — the design led to an awkward fit and the physical controls meant you were constantly pushing them further into your ear. Klipsch redesigned the earbuds entirely, getting rid of the longer stem that made the original uncomfortable. The company says they’re 25 percent smaller and “more closely mimic the shape of the ear” for increased comfort. It also includes six pairs of ear tips to provide a better fit for more ears. Most companies only include three.

Inside, there’s a new Bluetooth antenna that should offer a better connection and improved audio quality is onboard thanks to a new driver and diaphragm. There’s also a handy transparency mode to allow you to hear your surroundings without removing the buds from your ears. The T5 II is IP67 rated against dust and water, an improvement from the IPX4 on the previous model. Klipsch kept the battery life at eight hours on the buds themselves with three more charges in the case. And thankfully, the Zippo-like case is back. That was one of the best things about the T5. Even with all of the changes, Klipsch managed to keep the price at $199.

Klipsch T5 Sport

The T5 II Sport is a brand new model for Klipsch. As the name implies, these true wireless earbuds have a more rugged design, right down to the case. That accessory is actually dust and water tight itself, rated IP67 just like the earbuds. Plus, the case has a moisture removal system that keeps the buds dry, and it supports wireless charging. That’s definitely something we look forward to putting to the test. Like the T5 II, Klipsch includes six pairs of ear tips, but it adds one set of Comply memory foam tips and three sizes of ear wings to the Sport version for a more secure fit. Battery life is the same as the T5 II: eight hours on the buds with three more charges in the case for 32 hours of combined play time. In terms of color options, the regular version of the T5 II Sport comes in black, white and green. There’s also a McLaren version of the T5 II Sport that’s $20 more. For the extra cash, you get the auto company’s signature papaya orange and carbon fiber color scheme and a wireless charging pad.

Klipsch T5 Sport McLaren