Kobo's Libra 2 e-reader is $20 off right now

It's the first solid discount we've seen on it.


We already liked Kobo's Libra 2 e-reader at the full $180 price, thanks to the physical buttons, high-resolution e-Ink display and support for multiple formats. Now, we're seeing the first good discount on it, making it all the more attractive. You can pick one up at Amazon for $160, for a savings of $20 or 11 percent.

Buy Kobo Libra 2 at Amazon - $160

The Libra 2 features a large "chin" that houses a pair of physical page buttons, a feature that's also available on the Kindle Oasis, but for a lot more money. We found that the physical buttons stop hand cramping because it's easy to switch from one hand to another.

The 7-inch E-Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen is sharp and easy on the eyes. The "ComfortLight Pro" automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature to match the room, and becomes less blue as the day goes on to help keep you calm before bedtime. It can charge up in a couple of hours and go for days at a time, is waterproof for use in the tub or pool, lets you save articles to Pocket and supports more file types than Kindle.

Finally, the Libra 2 includes Bluetooth functionality, letting you connect a pair of headphones and listen to audiobooks. As for drawbacks? The lack of a plastic cover means that crumbs or particles can get trapped between the screen and bezel, and some users have noticed hiccups while trying to use the highlighting feature. Still, it's far and away one of the best eReaders out there and a very attractive option at this price.

If you're looking for a more basic reader, or want to stick with Amazon's ecosystem, don't forget that the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle are still on sale as well, for $105 and $55, respectively. You'll also find the corresponding Kids tablets for $115 and $65.

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