Homebrew Labo kit gives you a full-body 'Mario Kart' workout

It's just a concept, but it really works.

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Labo Fit Adventure Kart Kit for the Nintendo Switch
Mike Choi, Twitter

Do you feel like your body is going to waste when you play Mario Kart on your Switch? Mike Choi might have a way to keep you in shape. The self-professed “hardware hacker” has built a concept Labo Fit Adventure Kart Kit that gives you a full workout while you race. You have to not only steer and squeeze a Ring-Con, but pedal a cardboard-clad bike above a certain speed if you want to keep moving. You won’t win unless you’re committed to your cardio, in other words.

The kit is built around a TAPBO “robot” that presses Joy-Con buttons when it gets signals from both the Ring-Con and the bike. A sensor on the bike determines when your speed climbs above the necessary threshold.

Other games will technically work, although you’re obviously at a disadvantage when the module will only press a handful of buttons.

This won’t be a production device, unfortunately — you’ll just have to hop on a stationary bike with your Switch in hand if you want some Mario Kart-themed exercise. Choi stressed that he’d been using the homebrew Labo kit for over a month, though, and he hoped it would show how the Switch could be used as a fitness tool.

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