Apple quietly launched a one-on-one college mentorship program

Launch@Apple is open to first-generation students in a handful of fields.


Apple has started accepting applications for a new mentorship program that aims to help first-generation college students. In a PDF obtained by MacRumors, the company details Launch@Apple. The document invites immigrant college freshmen and sophomores who are majoring in finance, economics, accounting or a discipline related to business, mathematics, commerce or data analytics to apply for the chance to get one one-on-one time with Apple mentors. The document notes they’ll also be opportunities for job shadowing, as well as paid internships and externships.

The program is limited to students who have a parent or guardian who has not obtained their own college degree. The company is also looking for individuals who are “eager to learn about working in finance in a fast-paced, innovative environment.” Apple is accepting applications until Friday, January 8th, 2021. To apply, students need to answer 18 questions that cover topics like their legal status in the US, GPA and aspirations, among other personal information.

We reached out to Apple for more information on the program. We’ll update this article when we hear back from the company.

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