Laya's Horizon, a sandbox wingsuit game from the studio behind Alto's Odyssey, arrives May 2nd

It's free on iOS and Android, if you have a Netflix account.


Laya's Horizon is the next big mobile game from Snowman, the studio behind Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey, and it'll be available to play on May 2nd. While both Alto games were exclusive to iOS at launch, Laya's Horizon will hit iOS and Android devices simultaneously, and it'll be ad-free and cost $0 for anyone with a Netflix account.

Laya's Horizon is Snowman's most ambitious game yet, and its launch trailer showcases a vast mountaintop world as it introduces the game's main mechanic — zipping through the air in a wingsuit. The main character soars among various biomes, falling rapidly and grazing the edges of cliffs, trees and villages, collecting yellow gems along the way. The map is densely populated with plant life and man-made structures, while the sea stretches beyond, always within view.

I've spent some time playing Laya's Horizon, and it's clear that this is more complex and fast-paced than either Alto game, with more opportunities to crash and burn, but also more room to learn and grow. It's an engaging, cozy and responsive experience — I'll share more impressions about it closer to launch day.

Snowman partnered with Netflix for Laya's Horizon, and it's not the only indie studio working with the streaming company nowadays. Netflix is making a big and, so far, successful push into video game publishing and development, bringing titles like Spiritifarer and Into the Breach to mobile platforms for the first time. Netflix even purchased the team behind Oxenfree, Night School Studio, which is preparing to release Oxenfree II: Lost Signals this July.