‘Layers of Fear’ gameplay footage takes you on a tour of a gorgeous, creepy lighthouse

Bloober Team's Unreal Engine 5-powered horror collection will land in June.

Bloober Team

Bloober Team has provided an in-depth look at its reimagined Layers of Fear collection. It comprises the original Layers of Fear, Layers of Fear 2, all the expansions for both and a fresh chapter that promises to give fans "a new perspective" on the first game's story. All the series' events will be connected with the help of a new character called The Writer, who is the focus of the 11-minute gameplay video.

The footage shows The Writer exploring a gloomy lighthouse. It doesn't take too long before spooky things start to happen. Your lantern is an important defensive tool against things that go bump in the night. You'll also need it to solve puzzles and reveal secrets.

Bloober Team has reworked the Layers of Fear games in Unreal Engine 5. Based on this evidence, it seems the game has atmospheric visuals that are as pretty as they are eerie. The studio used tools such as the Lumen system, ray-tracing, HDR and volumetric lighting in an attempt to make the game look as lifelike as possible.

You'll be able to explore Layers of Fear and take in all its creepy visuals when it hits PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in June. Meanwhile, Bloober Team is also working on a Silent Hill 2 remake.