Lego is releasing an $80 ‘Horizon: Forbidden West’ Tallneck set

The set measures 13.5-inches tall and comes with a tiny Aloy.

If you don’t already love the Horizon series’ Tallnecks, then the advent of Horizon: Forbidden West is likely to finish the job. These vast, disc-headed wonders are clearly a fan favorite, prompting Lego and Sony to crank out a set depicting Aloy riding atop one.

The 1,222-piece set is designed to stand proud on your shelf of Lego-designed gaming tributes, and was made in partnership with Sony and developers Guerrilla. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Tallneck unless you had someone to ride it, and so you get an Aloy minifigure with a new headpiece in the set.

Horizon: Forbidden West Tallneck Lego Set
Lego / Sony

You’ll also find a Watcher (with an option to equip it with blue, yellow or red eyes) and some natural landscape pieces to build out the environment. Isaac Snyder, a designer at Lego, said that the set tips its hat at “all the most iconic aspects of Horizon: Forbidden West,” and that he hoped everyone building the model has as much fun as they had designing it.

The Tallneck from Horizon: Forbidden West will arrive in May 2022, and measures 13.5-inches tall and 9-inches wide. It will cost $79.99 / €79.99, and will be available from all of the usual places you can get your Lego.

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