Lego and Unity help you create mini games without writing any code

You can start playing with virtual bricks in less than an hour.


You probably aren’t about to write the next Lego Star Wars game by yourself, but you might come much closer than you think. Lego and Unity have teamed up on a new “Microgame” project that lets you create a short 3D game in under an hour without writing a line of code. You just have to walk through tutorials in the Unity Editor — special Lego “Behavior Bricks” have gameplay actions already built-in, and there are minifig characters ready to go.

If you want to personalize the experience, you can add Creative Mods as well as Asset Store themes that unlock the more involved you are with your project. You’ll get a “Knight’s Kingdom” pack just by sharing your game, for example, while a “Danger Zone” is available if you attend a Game Jam on November 19th.

A partnership with BrickLink lets you import custom creations from the online Lego marketplace to further personalize the look.

This is, of course, an effort to drum up Unity adoption among both newcomers and developers thinking of switching game engines. Nonetheless, it shows how much game engine tools have progressed over the years. While you aren’t about to write a game from scratch without some code, it doesn’t take much to make the process easy for anyone who’s even slightly interested in the process.