Lenovo's Flex 5 Chromebook is on sale for $300 right now

That's $130 off and a return to its record-low price.

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

If you're going to use a Chromebook as your daily driver — or even just more than once or twice a day — you should get a decently powerful one. Perhaps unsurprisingly, even Chrome OS machines can get expensive when you start to spec them out, but Lenovo's Flex 5 Chromebook has been one of our favorites precisely for how much value it packs at a relatively affordable $430. Amazon now has this versatile Chrome OS laptop at the best price we've seen — only $300. That's $130 off its normal price and an all-time low.

Buy Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook at Amazon - $300

The model on sale runs on a 10th-generation Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. While the latter two are pretty common in entry- to mid-level Chromebooks, the Core i3 processor will help this laptop feel zippier than others. While we initially weren't thrilled by the 4GB of RAM, we found that the Flex 5 Chromebook was more than capable of running multiple tabs simultaneously. As for storage, 64GB should be enough for most people who do most of their work in the Chrome browser anyway. Even at its normal price, the Flex 5 Chromebook provides a lot of power compared to other similarly priced devices — but at $300, it's a fantastic value.

Most Chrome OS machines in this price range tend to sacrifice on style, and while Lenovo's laptop isn't ugly by any means, it's not the slickest either. It weights about three pounds and measures 0.66-inches thick, but it does have a handy convertible design so you could use it as a tablet or even in tent mode to watch TV shows and movies. It has a decent 1080p touchscreen, too, along with a decent array of ports that includes two USB-C ports and a USB-A port. Lenovo did a good job of combining most key features of a good Chromebook into this laptop, which is why we continue to recommend it both when it's on sale or at regular price.

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