Lenovo updates its IdeaPad Pro and Slim laptops with the latest Intel and AMD chips

The refreshes are minor, but promise the latest Intel, AMD and NVIDIA chips inside.


We’re not that far away from CES, where we should expect new chip announcements from Intel and AMD. That’s normally followed by a raft of Windows 11 laptop announcements that use the new silicon, but Lenovo has decided to get its news out of the door well ahead of time. Unfortunately, that means there’s some vague references to next-generation chips from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. But you can probably guess when those details will be filled in, and what they’ll likely represent.

Of the many machines Lenovo has announced today, only a handful are coming to the US, such as the IdeaPad Pro 5 and 5i. This is coming in 14- and 16-inch variants, both of which will only come with Intel’s “next-gen” Core i5 and i7 options, with the option of a 14-inch 2.2k display or a 2.8k 120Hz screen, while the 16-inch comes with a 2.5K 120Hz model by default. Lenovo adds that you can expect “enhanced performance” thanks to better thermals, allowing for a cooler and quieter experience overall. Other tweaks for these machines include a 25 percent larger touchpad, a new FHD IR webcam with a Time of Flight sensor and, for the 16-inch model, an SSD expandable storage slot.

As for the IdeaPad Slim, you’ll be able to pick up the Slim 5i with a 16-inch display, packing Intel’s as-yet unnamed processor. You’ll also be able to snag a 16-inch Slim 5 with options for AMD’s Ryzen 3 (7330U), 5 (7530U) or 7 (7730U) processor, although you’re stuck with a 60Hz display no matter which option you go for. With one eye on privacy, these new models get a physical shutter on the webcam. The only other major change is the greater choice in paint jobs, since you’ll now be able to grab them in Violet, Cloud Grey and Abyss Blue.

In terms of availability, Lenovo is saying that these models won’t reach the US until May 2023, with prices for the 16-inch 5i starting at $1,500. The Slim 5, meanwhile, will start at $650 for the AMD edition, while the Intel-toting 5i is priced at $750.