Lenovo's new ThinkPads hide a fingerprint reader in the power button

Some models also come with FHD webcams and presence detection.


Lenovo has revealed the latest models — refreshed versions of previous laptops with new features that include a power button with built-in fingerprint reader — joining its ThinkPad line. The company has redesigned the X13 and X13 Yoga, giving them a display with a 16:10 aspect ratio similar to the X1 Nano's. That means their screens can show you more of what you're viewing, such as emails or tweets, at once. Along with the refreshed T14s, the new X13 and X13 Yoga come with a fingerprint reader integrated right into power button for easy authentication, as well.

Those models also come with Lenovo's new human presence detection feature that's also available on the X1 Nano. Lenovo's presence detection uses a radar sensor so that the laptop can automatically switch back on when you sit in front of it, and you can quickly pick up from where you left off. During our testing for our X1 Nano review, we found that the ultra-wide band sensor worked well and that Nano’s implementation of the feature 'is the most consistent and easiest to use" compared to rival laptops from competing brands.

Another notable new feature for the ThinkPad line is the FHD hybrid infrared camera for the new X13 and T14s models. They're both equipped with 5G WWAN cards, as well. Lenovo's new ThinkPad laptops come in configurations powered by 11th Gen Intel Core vPro processors with WiFi 6e. However, you can also get the ThinkPad X13, T14s, T14, L14, L15 and P14s laptops powered by the latest AMD Ryzen 5000 Series mobile processors. In addition to the new laptops, Lenovo has also introduced the new ThinkPad P40w display, which the manufacturer says is the first Thunderbolt 4 monitor.

The Intel—powered ThinkPad T14 and T14s will be available in March for $1,379 and $1,499, respectively. Meanwhile, their AMD—powered counterparts are coming out in May for $1,159 and $1,279. The new ThinkPad T15 will be out in March with a retail price of $1,379, along with the Intel version of the X13 for $1,299. You can get the ThinkPad X13 Yoga in April for $1,379 and the AMD version of the X13 in May for $1,139. The Intel version of the P14s mobile workstation and the P15s will both be available in March for $1,389, whereas the AMD P14s is coming out in May for $1,169. If you want the most affordable ThinkPad laptop options, you can get the L14 or the L15 in May with prices starting at $689. Finally, Lenovo will start shipping the P40w premium display, which will set you back $1,699, in June.