Lenovo's Smart Paper tablet is a $400 answer to the Kindle Scribe

The E-Ink device can sync written notes with voice recordings.


Alongside its regular slate of laptops and other gear, Lenovo has announced an E-Ink notepad at CES. Smart Paper is a 10.3-inch display with an anti-glare screen. The company says it’s a lightweight device with 50GB of storage, enough for 50,000 pages of doodles and scrawls.

Smart Paper comes with a battery-less stylus that can be stored in the case. The Smart Paper Pen is designed to minimize lag, with latency as low as 23 milliseconds. There are nine different pen settings (such as pencil, ballpoint and marker), more than 4,000 pressure sensitivity levels and tilt detection. Smart Paper has dozens of notepad templates as well, including a blank slate, lined paper and music manuscript.

Lenovo Smart Paper e-ink notepad and stylus

There’s the option to record voice notes, thanks to the dual microphones. Handily, you can take notes while recording a meeting or lecture. They’ll be synced, so you can select some text and hear that portion of the recording.

Don’t worry too much about losing a note. Smart Paper can convert your handwriting into text and you can use keyword searches to find what you’re looking for. You can delete and reorganize notes, and place them into folders. You'll be able to access millions of ebooks and search saved books and articles that are on your Smart Paper. If you leave the notepad at home, you’ll still be able to access all your stuff, thanks to the Smart Paper mobile and Windows PC app, which supports cloud sync. The app can translate text and audio recordings onto other languages as well.

Smart Paper seems like Lenovo's answer to Amazon's Kindle Scribe, which debuted last year. How they compare against each other in practice remains to be seen, but at $400, Smart Paper will be $60 more expensive. It should ship later this year.

Lenovo’s Smart Paper e-ink notepad and stylus
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