Lenovo’s latest ThinkBook 15 has built-in wireless earbuds

You can store and charge them inside the laptop.


Lenovo’s new hardware includes the ThinkBook 15 Gen 2 i with built-in wireless earbuds. When you need the earbuds, a small storage tray pops out of the laptop, and they connect instantly. When you’re done, tuck the earbuds back inside the ThinkBook 15 Gen 2 i, and they’ll charge automatically.

The earbuds have dual mics and environmental noise cancellation. You can mute or unmute yourself with a double tap.

Lenovo ThinkBook 15 Gen 2 i

The ThinkBook 15 Gen 2 i also features an ultra-narrow bezel and a dual-tone top cover. It has a built-in service key that will connect you directly to Lenovo support, and it runs on 11th Gen Intel Core processors, with Intel Iris XE graphics and Thunderbolt.

You might decide to pair the laptop with a monitor, like Lenovo’s new ThinkVision T27hv-20 USB-C Hub. The 27-inch display was built with remote workers in mind. It has a 1080p IR/RGB webcam, noise cancelling microphones and integrated speakers. It also comes with Smart Guard, which will blur the screen if you look or move away, and with Smart Energy, the screen will turn off when it senses you have moved away from your desk.

Lenovo ThinkVision T27hv-20 USB-C Hub