The Level Touch is a smart lock in disguise

The design can add some extra privacy.

Level Home

For those who want to live a key-free life without having an obvious smart lock on your door, Level Home might have the product for you. Level Touch, the company’s latest product, is a smart lock designed to look like a key lock.

Some smart locks, like August, Kwikset and others, have distinctive hardware that’s visible from the outside. Billed as an “invisible smart lock,” Level Lock was designed with discretion in mind, according to a statement from Level Home. The lock itself looks like a key lock, but in fact can open by the touch of a finger, a vocal command or with a programmable keycard. You can also give others access to your home through the Level app, and approved guests can gain entry using their phone as a key.

The stainless steel deadbolt hides a CR2 battery within it, which can hold a charge for up to one year, according to the statement. Level Lock’s accompanying app, HomeKit, can connect with both iOS and Android devices.

While you may not be leaving your home much these days, investment in home security never hurts. Level Touch costs $329, which is more than double August smart locks that start at $150. The discreet nature of the design, however, may justify the extra cost to some. Level Touch can be purchased starting today at

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