LG's latest CineBeam 4K projectors promise improved daytime viewing

One can project a large image from just 8.5 inches away.


LG is once again updating its CineBeam 4K projectors, and the upgrades are good news if you tend to watch during the day. Both the HU715Q Ultra Short Throw laser projector (above) and the HU710P laser-LED hybrid promise better daytime viewing through key upgrades. The HU715Q touts auto brightness, while the HU710P's move to a wheel-free hybrid offers brighter overall pictures than its predecessor. The two also provide high 2,000,000:1 contrast ratios to provide more details in bright and dark video scenes

The HU710P peaks at 2,000 lumens of brightness and is built for back-of-the-room projection at distances between 9.5 feet and 15 feet. It offers the most flexibility for image sizes, though, ranging between 40 inches to 300 inches. The HU715Q is limited to images 80 inches to 120 inches in size, but it can produce a 100-inch picture from just 8.5 inches away and delivers a brighter 2,500-lumen output (if slightly dimmer than the HU810P). It's also your pick if you can't justify external speakers, as it packs a 40W stereo setup and Bluetooth-enabled surround versus the 10W of the HU710P.

Both CineBeam 4K projectors include three HDMI ports (including eARC), two USB 2.0 ports and support for AirPlay 2, HomeKit and screen sharing. Their lamps are good for 20,000 hours of use.

LG is already shipping the two CineBeam projectors, starting at $2,499 for the HU710P and $2,999 for the HU715Q. Those aren't trivial prices, but their brightness upgrades might make them easier to justify as replacements for some premium large-screen TVs.

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