LG's newest 4K CineBeam projectors start at $6,000

You'll get an extra-bright picture from a very short distance.


LG's newest CineBeam projectors are ready for your living room, and it's clear you'll pay a premium for their image quality. The company has announced that the laser-based lineup is available starting at $6,000 for the HU915QE, which can produce a 90-inch 4K picture when positioned just 2.2 inches from the wall, or 120 inches when it sits 7.2 inches away. It also reaches a high 3,700 lumens of brightness and can muster a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, so daytime viewing is a realistic option.

The $6,500 HU915QB (shown above) isn't quite as bright at 3,000 lumens, but its black finish makes it better-suited to nighttime sessions. Both models have three HDMI ports with eARC support, two USB ports and an integrated 2.2-channel 40W speaker system. They unsurprisingly run LG's webOS interface (an advantage over rival 'dumb' projectors that lack native apps) and offer creature comforts like AirPlay 2 support, Bluetooth and screen mirroring.

The new Cinebeam projectors' HDR support is limited to HDR10 and HLG. You'll want to buy one of LG's latest OLED TVs if you crave Dolby Vision, and you certainly won't get 8K support. With that said, these units might be strong values if picture size matters more than anything else.

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