LG's latest Bluetooth speakers have passive radiators for extra bass

The Xboom Go PL lineup is waterproof and tuned by HiFi specialist Meridian.


LG has released the XBoom Go PL lineup that may give you pause for your next Bluetooth speaker buying decision. The higher-end PL7 and PL5 models come with passive radiators for improved bass and the speakers are tuned by HiFi brand Meridian with a “sound boost” EQ mode for clear vocals and minimal distortion.

Both models are water-resistant and the PL7 can go for up to 24 hours on a charge, while the PL5 can run for 18 hours and the PL2 for 10 hours. The PL7 and PL5 also come with multi-colored lights that pulse to the beat of the music based on the sound waves.

All models come with LG’s Dual Play option that lets you create stereo sound using two LG speakers together. You can also pair them with any LG TV over Bluetooth for rear stereo or surround sound. It has a voice command hotkey, but you’ll need to use your phone’s assistant to give it any commands.They’re now available on Amazon, B&H and elsewhere, with the PL7 retailing for $179, the PL5 at $129 and the PL2 priced at $59.

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